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Get Beautiful, Flawless Skin Tone With Organic Skin Care Products

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, flawless skin tone? That’s the dream of every woman. We will go to any length to achieve this goal even if it means slathering chemical concoctions and using crazy remedies like snail slime or frog mucus (yeah some people actually use these things).

A lot of women have bought tons of skincare products with ingredients that cannot be pronounced and still haven’t reached this goal. It’s time to turn back to what nature has provided for us and the wonderful things we have ignored for so long.

In recent years, the beauty industry has taken a drastic shift from using mainly chemical ingredients to more natural and organic skin care products. Several beauty companies have seen the tremendous wonders embedded in the simple natural ingredients around us.

For most of us, the solution to our skin problems is all in our pantry but we have convinced ourselves to believe that chemicals are better for our skin.

The first and most important part of our skin care regimen is cleansing. If you don’t properly cleanse your skin, you will continue to have a dry, dull and uneven skin tone

When you properly cleanse your skin, you create a suitable environment for the other skin care products like your moisturizer to work effectively.

Our skin has a protective barrier. This is the layer that keeps our skin smooth and naturally moisturized. When we don’t take care of our skin and this barrier is damaged, we end up with dry and dehydrated skin.

Dirt and bacteria easily find their way into the deeper layer of our skin because our protective skin barrier has been compromised. When you have a bed of dirt on your skin and you slather more products on it, what do you think will happen? The products will simply sit on the surface of your skin and compound your skin problems.

What Kind of Body Washes Should You Use?

Now that we have established that cleansing is a must, what type of body washes should you use? Many chemical bath lotions and body washes are very effective in cleaning the skin but they have one disadvantage: they strip your skin of its natural oils and this leads to excess oil production.

If you are trying to clear your skin, using chemical ingredients will not help you achieve this. Chemical body washes can also cause damage to our skin’s protective barrier and increase dryness.

This is also true with chemical-based soaps. Most women favor chemical body washes and soaps because they give them that “squeaky clean” feeling. The bad news is that your skin should never feel that way!

That’s the sign that your skin is drying out. If you’re wondering why it seems like your body acne is getting worse or your skin itches terribly after bathing, you are using body washes that are too harsh on your skin.

Why Organic Soaps and Body Washes are Better Than Over-The Counter Bath Lotions and Soaps.

Organic soaps and body washes such as African black soap and Castile soap do not dry out the skin. They are antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. They penetrate your skin and remove all the dirt and grime without harming your skin barrier.

These body washes and soaps are made with natural ingredients that are very gentle on the skin. There are many skin care companies that use these natural ingredients like honey, aloe vera and oils in their production of their soaps.

Go for the ones that have “organic” written on the label and also read the list of ingredients to be sure. You can also make yours with an African black soap base or unscented Castile soap made with olive oil. Simply add your chosen ingredients like honey, aloe vera and any oil of your choice.

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