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Irresistible Naturals is an organic skin company that adores all things natural. Powerful organic products are lovingly made with hand-selected ingredients to care and nourish healthy glowing skin without any unnecessary and harmful chemicals. 


At Irresistible Naturals, our mission is to encourage women to prioritize their well-being and embrace self-love and self- care unapologetically through indulgent, spa-like experiences with our luxurious, natural skincare products. We believe that every moment spent nurturing oneself is an act of self-love, and care. Our meticulously crafted products motivate you to stop, breathe, and slow down,  embracing the moment to love on yourself.  We aim to provide an oasis of indulgence, redefining self-care as a luxurious and essential part of every woman's routine. Through our dedication to natural ingredients and sustainable practices, we empower women to nourish their bodies and nurture their souls, fostering a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them. Our goal is to inspire moments of relaxation, decompression, confidence, radiance, and deep self-love, one lavish self-care moment at a time.



The founder of the company in her college youth grew up less fortunate and could not afford a popular well-known store brand of lotions and body washes.


So she used a refund check from college to go to a local mall and purchase a complete skin care set for her body, and after two weeks of use noticed her skin was dry and itchy. It was that moment she began reading the ingredients and discovered most products were just scented chemically- enhanced cream in a bottle with no real skin benefits, and Irresistible Naturals was born in 2009 under the name Escape Bath & Body and has evolved over the years to what you see today. She has since given birth to four children with eczema and is proud to provide her family with nourishing skin loving products. Her now passion developed from her desire to give you body products that enhanced and improved your skin without the chemical aspect, really keeping the best you in mind.

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